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1 - 12 of 1,500
Accessories - Kurgo Seasonal Tire Totes -- 4 pack - Kurgo Accessories
If you have more than one set of tires, you need a set of Kurgo tire totes. They’ll keep your tires safe and clean while they’re being stored, and when you need to load up the tires to have them reinstalled, the totes will protect your car’s upholstery. Use with Kurgo wheel felts (sold separately) to protect your rims. Each tote has a handle, so they’re easy to carry and move.
Accessories - Kurgo Tire Garage - Kurgo Accessories
Need to store your tires outside? Kurgo’s heavy-duty tire garage will keep them safe and protected from the elements. Made of marine grade canvas – the same durable, weatherproof material used to make boat covers and awnings – the tire garage is easy to clean, mildew-resistant, and will retain its strength through years of use in sun, rain, and snow. Can also be used inside, for neat, clean storage.
Tread Depth Tire Gauge
Digital gauge measures both air pressure and tire tread depth. Reads pressure in your choice of psi/bars/kPa/kgcm2, and tread depth in inches or millimeters. Pressure reading range is 5-99 psi; tread depth range is 0-19/32. Extra large readout is easy to view. One button control for switching between pressure and tread depth. Auto off feature saves the battery (included).
Continental Der Baron Tire
Big, aggressive knobs and a soft Black Chili compound team up to give the Der Baron Tire excellent downhill traction and control. Continental also ensured that this tire's ready for the sidewall-destroying rocks and ledges that litter DH runs. The dual ply carcass is reinforced with Apex -- a rubber profile in between the tire's layers along the sidewall. This not only makes it tougher, it adds the Der Baron's ability to hold its line for stability during hard cornering and heavy landings. Most importantly though, the Apex reinforcement helps prevent rim impact on square edge hits. The symmetrical tread pattern excels at shedding mud when the course is sloppy, and it'll dig into loose and loamy conditions. Adding to the traction picture is the previously mentioned Black Chili compound. It's exclusive to Continental, and only available on tires produced at their German factory. The compound offers lower rolling resistance, while enhancing traction and prolonging tire life. The Continental Der Baron Tire is 2. 5in wide and only comes in 26in diameters.
Victor Tire Tool Box Kit
The Victor Tire Tool Box Kit is a 46-piece deluxe maintenance set that contains everything you need for tire repair. The easy-to-use assembly comes in a convenient carrying case that can be easily stored in any vehicle's trunk. Whether your wheel is deflated as a result of a puncture or due to age, this set has what you need to fix it. The tire repair kit includes two different types of T-handled tools for removing foreign objects, rubber cement and two distinct sizes of rubber patches. It also includes replacement tire valve caps and a pressure gauge so you can check the integrity of your tire after your patch job. In addition, you receive an easy-to-read instruction guide for how to use the contents. The Victor Tire Tool Box Kit comes in a carrying case that can fit into your trunk or under your seat for convenient access.
Digital Tire Gauge
You will never be stuck with a flat tire again with the digital tire gauge. The LCD display and multiple measurement modes allow you to check anytime what your tire pressure is. The modes feature PSI, BAR, KPA, and Kg/cm. Size: 5.5 x 1.5.