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Lg K8 V

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Mini ACRO F4 Betaflight Flight Controller Buil-in PDB 5V/1A BEC with Micro Buzzer-Multi Rotor Parts
Mini ACRO F4 Betaflight Flight Controller Buil-in PDB 5V/1A BEC with Micro Buzzer Specification: STM32 F405 MCU Firmware BETAFLIGHT 3.0.1 Target REVO SBUS/PPM input (Pin headers) DSM2/DSMX input (Plug) 4PWM output (Solder Pads) Only 30x30mm, mount holes 25x25mm (M3 Holes) 128Mb Flash(16M Byte) MPU6000 SPI Bus Build in PDB Build in 5V BEC / 1A Support 2S-4S Lipo battery Dshot support(Need to update firmware to Betaflight 3.1 target AirbotF4) Package included: 1x FC 1x Micro Buzzer
5 in 1 V3 PDB LED Power Hub 5V 12V Dual BEC Low Voltage Buzzer Tracker For FPV Racer-Multi Rotor Parts
5 in 1 V3 PDB 5V 12V Dual BEC LED Controller Tracker Low Voltage Buzzer For FPV Racer Description : Item Name : 5 in 1 V3 PDB Input voltage range (3S-6S operation): 9 - 26VDC 1 Battery input & 4 ESC outputs Regulated 5V and 12V outputs LED power indicators ( 5V & 12V outputs ) 4 pairs 5V LED light pads Low voltage setting value indicators Continuous current: 20A per output Peak Current (10 seconds/minute): 25A per output Dimensions: 46x36x6mm Weight: 9g Mounting holes 30.5mm square spacing BEC 5V Output: Designed for RC Receivers, Flight controllers, OSD, and Servos. DC/DC synchronous buck regulator, Efficiency is up to 95%. Voltage: 5.0 +/- 0.1VDC Continuous current: 3 Amps Short-circuit tolerant (10 seconds/minute) 5V is also on the Aux pins + & -. If other 5V BEC in use, Pls remove the red wire on Aux pins. BEC 12V Output: Linear regulator, very low noise. Standard output designed to power cameras and video transmitters,etc. Voltage: 12.0 +/- 0.3VDC (4~6S operation) Continuous current: 500mA@16V IN (Max.1A 10s/minute) 250mA@24V IN If the battery is 3S LiPo, Output voltage=3S LiPo voltage - 1V Don't use the BEC 12V to power VTX or Gimbals when 6S battery is in use. Features: Built-in 5 functions, small size & light weight Lost Plane Finder Low Voltage Alarm 2oz copper & 4-layers PCB. ESC & Battery solder tabs in pairs BEC 5V & 12V Output LED indicators TVS input protection Package Included : 1 x 5 in 1 PDB
CC3D REVO Power Distribution Board With Dual BEC 5V 12V Output for QAV250 -Multi Rotor Parts
CC3D REVO Power Distribution Board With Dual BEC 5V 12V Output for QAV250 Description: Voltage Input: 2-6s Weight: 8g With dual BEC output Same hole and size with CC3D, CC3D revolution flight control With copper shield cover Package included: 1 x Power distribution board
SKYRC 10A DC Power Distributor USB Output 5V with XT60/ Banana Plug-Battery Charger
The world's smallest multi-port distributor features three DC output ports which support both banana connector and alligator clip. Two 5V/2.1A USB ports which support smart phone and other devices. The DC input power lead is changeable. Specification Input Voltage: 6-18V Max Current: 10A USB Power: Dual 5V 2.1A 25% Working temperature: 0-40 Storage temperature: -10-60 Optional Plugs: (A)XT60 Plug, (B)Banana Plug Dimension: 63.7x44x22.5mm Weight: 46g Package 1x DC Power Distributor 1x Cable
4 USB Port Multi-function AC 5.0V 2.1A Adapter US / EU / UK / AU Plug Wall Charger-Plug Adaptors
4 USB Port Multi-function AC 5.0V 2.1A Adapter US / EU / UK / AU Plug Wall Charger Specification: Plug type: AU/US/UK/EU Input: 100V-240V AC 50/60Hz, 300mA Output: 5.0V 2.1A (For USB x 4) Color: Black Size: 7.5 (L) x 5.5 (W) x 2.9 (H) cm / 2.95 x 2.17 x 1.14 inch Features: High efficiency and low energy consumption. Compact,light weighted and outlet plug changeable. It is used to charge multiple devices at the same time. Provides standard USB 5V at up to 2.1A (max). Great for charging phones, cameras, MP3 players. Compatible with iPad, iPhones and iPod and other USB device. AC plug can be removed easily by pressing the button and pull out from the main unit. Easy operation and handy. Portable, ideal for travel. Ideal for travel, home or the office. Package Included: 1 x 4 Port USB AC Charger 1 x Plug Detail Pictures:
Racerstar RS20Ax4 V2 Blheli_S 20A 2-4S 4 in 1 ESC with 5V LBEC Can support 16.5 DShot600 for FPV Racer-Multi Rotor Parts
Racerstar RS20Ax4 V2 20A 2-4S Blheli_S Brushless ESC with 5V BEC Support 16.5 Dshot600 Specification: Brand Name: Racerstar Item Name: 20A Blheli_S 2-4S 4 in 1 ESC with 5V BEC Model: RS20Ax4 V2 Con. Current: 20A Peak Current: 25A(10S) Lipo: 2-4S BEC: 5V 1.5A LBEC Programmer: YES Weight: 19g Size(PCB): 36*36mm Features: -Blheli_S firmware, BB2 Chip, 48Mhz. -With 5V 1.5A BEC -D-Shot in default -Support Oneshot42, oneshot125 and multishot Package Included: 1x 20A ESC 1x Screw bag 1x Cable 1x Manual
20X TP4056 5V 1A Lipo Battery Mini USB Charging Board Charger Module -Battery Charger
20X TP4056 5V 1A Lipo Battery Mini USB Charging Board Charger Module Description: Item Name: Lipo battery charging board Item NO.: TP4056 Charging Method: linear charge Charging Current: 1A Adjustable Charge Accuracy: 1.5% Input Voltage: 4.5V-5.5V Full Charge Voltage: 4.2V Charging Indicator: Blue light lit charge,red light lit full charge Charging Input Interface: Mini USB Working Temperature: -10 Degree to +85 Degree Reverse: NO Weight: 1.8g External Dimensions: 25 * 19 * 10mm Usage: Used for single lipo or multi-section lipo parallel charging,can take power from the USB port. Current Regulation: R(K) I(mA) 30 50 20 70 10 130 5 250 4 300 3 400 2 580 1.66 690 1.5 780 1.33 900 1.2 1000 Features: Use mature charging chip TP4056,simple peripheral circuits,good protection performance and high charging accuracy. Fully machinery automated processing,all patch parts manufacturing. Each module will be tested before shipment,high reliability. Current can be adjusted,just change the circuit board fixed resistors, can change the output to the 100mA-1000mA, very convenient. Note: Input reverse connection has no effect on the chip, but the output (battery end) reverse connection will burn out the chip. Ampere meter can only be series connected to the 5V input end. The charging current is best to be 0.37 times of the battery capacity, Charging wire can't be too thin or too long. Make sure the board has good contact with the battery. Chip at work about 60 degrees fever is normal. Package Included: 20x TP4056 1A Lipo Battery Charging Board
12V 6A Car Motorcycle Battery Charger Intelligent Charging Machine-Charger Socket Adapter
Description: Intelligent and charge status display functions High charging efficiency, battery life can be better protected Compact structure, small size, light weight, easy to carry and easy to use Charging process is completely automated (constant voltage, constant current, float) can be fully automatically selected depending on the battery Specification: Material: Flame Retardant, ABS Housing Color: Yellow Dimension(L X W X H): (15.2 X 10.2 X 5.9)cm / 5.98 X 4 X 2.32 Charger Power Cord Length: 71.5cm Output Line Length: 30cm Packaging Box Dimension: 21.85cm X 12cm X 6.2cm Input Voltage: 220V 50Hz Output Voltage: DC 13.8V Rechargeable Battery: 12V 28AH-63AH Maximum Output Current: 6A Usage Instruction: 1.Keep the battery charger output when using the clip were received on the positive and negative battery, the red clip to the positive (+) black clip to the negative (-) and then plug in the power, then you can be charged. 2.When powered on, the display is all green red box in the middle, the middle of the green when charging light water, while the middle is filled with all green, the charger into floating state, when charging is finished, disconnect the power, then remove the battery clip. Note: This charger has an output reverse polarity protection features such as reverse, the charger will not work after the battery swap clip, you can work properly. This charger is the pulse pure DC, so charging clip less spark, is a normal phenomenon. Fitment: 1.For general transport batteries that can be used to charge cars, ships and other batteries. 2.Battery suitable for special vehicles that can be used forklifts, golf carts, small lawn mower battery charge. 3.For fixed type batteries can be used in power systems, construction sites, UPS, lighting, fire and other power battery charging. Tips: Do not charge the battery for scrap, scrap batteries can not be resurrected. Rechargeable battery is not scrapped the power. But can the battery has to do with the restoration and protection, so that the battery life is longer, save more electricity. Note: This charger has an output reverse polarity protection features such as reverse, the charger will not work after the battery swap clip, you can work properly This charger is the pulse pure DC, so charging clip less spark is a normal phenomenon Package Included: 1 X Motorcycle Car Battery Charger
12V/24V Car Motorcycle 3 in 1 Digital Voltmeter Ammeter USB Car Charger Socket-Car Charger
12V/24V Car Motorcycle 3 in 1 Digital Voltmeter Ammeter USB Car Charger Socket Feature: USB Car Charger: 1. Support for all operating voltage 12V-24V machine motive or electrical equipment to use, to any smartphone, tablet charging, fast charging. 2. 2 hole USB charging socket supports a variety of electronic products, with LED blue lights, have passed CE certification, with positive and negative reverse protection. 3. Cover with a waterproof, dustproof and waterproof good effect. Voltmeter: Voltmeter range DC 6-30V, has reverse polarity protection function, line reversal will not burn. For monitoring the battery voltage, battery voltage state to grasp, it can also be used for other products voltage measurement purposes. Ammeter: Ammeter measurable range: 1-10A, having a reverse protection function, line reversal will not burn. For detecting device current. Specification: Model: HX-C8802 Material: Environmental pollution with a new nylon material, Voltmeter Display color: Red Ammeter Display color: Red Ammeter range can be measured: 1-10A Voltmeter range can be measured: 6-30V UBS Output voltage: 5V USB Maximum output current: 3.1A Weight: 100g Installation method: The product placed in a fixed panel of the General Standard nut tightened Then can be fixed with screws. Package Included: 1 X Car Charger
DC2.5V-4.0V Micro Motor Cylinder Vibrating Motor For Cell Phone Mobile-Motor
Description: DC2.5V-4.0V Micro Motor Cylinder Vibrating Motor For Cell Phone Mobile Specification: Type:0408 Voltage:2.5V Product type:single-phase asynchronous motor. Current:0.07A Electric power:80W Speed rating:5000(rpm) Quantity: One Piece Feature: Simple structure and very durable. Use for cell phone mobile cylinder vibrating Micro Motor. The surface is smooth and the color is bright. Very small and light weight. Package included: 1x DC2.5V-4.0V Micro Motor
Max-UC024 2M 2.4A Weave Micro USB Quick Charging Data Cable for Xiaomi Samsung LG-Cables
Description: Model: Max-UC024 Style: Weave Cable Charging Current: 2.4A (Max) Interface: V8 micro USB 2.0 Function: Charging and data transmission Material: TPE plastic layer Length: 2M Color: Black, Yellow, Red Features: 1.Max-UC024 2M 2.4A Charging Data Cable is suitable for various V8 micro USB 2.0 interface of mobile phone or USB devices. 2.Weave cable design, resistance to pull and wear. 3.Support charging and data transmission function at the same time. 4.Strong TPE plastic layer and flat cable design, resistance to pull and wear. Package included: 1 x Max-UC024 2M 2.4A Micro USB Cable
12V-24V Motorcycle Power LED Socket Plug With Waterproof Cover-Charger Socket Adapter
Description: Wiring kit for cigarette lighter to install in any 12V car, motorcycle, electric car, ATV, Boat and so on Widely used with electric equipment for power supply: vehicle, GPS, mobile phone, camera, mp3, etc Come with a cover to protect your socket against the fog and rain Connector wire with 10A fuse protection Specification: Material: Heat resisting plastic Voltage: DC 12V-24V Barrel inner diameter: Approx. 18.5mm Barrel outer length: Approx. 38mm Total Length With Cable : 60cm Package Included: 1 X Power Socket