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Jabra Active Headphones

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Inland Dynamic Stereo Headphones with Volume Control
These Inland Dynamic Stereo Headphones with Volume Control are designed to provide you with an optimal listening experience. They are comfortable to wear while at the same time providing excellent sound quality, ensuring that whatever media you happen to be listening to sounds as it should sound. These lightweight stereo headphones are made of durable plastic and feature a padded headband together with ear cups that will give you a comfortable fit. The padded headband is adjustable, and the ear cups are soft and kind to your ears. Each set of these PC headphones with a microphone has an in-line volume control for ease in adjustment. They can be used with devices that feature a female 3.5mm socket including CD and cassette players, MP3 players, laptops and desktop computers. The microphone itself permits crystal-clear chatting, voice-over-IP, along with access to voice while playing games.
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