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Amazon Fire Hd8

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iPad Mini Glass Screen Protector - roocase iPad Mini 3, 2 & 1 Glacial Premium Tempered Glass Screen Protector for Apple Mini 3 (2014) / Mini 2 and 1, Protect from Scratches
Protecting your brand new iPad Mini 3, 2 and 1 is a priorityShield your iPad Mini most crucial element ? The HD Retina Screen. Investing in the Glacial 6 layer tempered glass can and will prevent your iPad Mini screen from breaking or shattering. Even if an accidental calamity were to come across the display, the Glacial Tempered Glass will absorb the impact, yetkeep your screen intact.What does the Glacial Tempered Glass consist of?The Glacial 5 Layered Tempered Glass Screen Protector provides multi-levelprotection for your iPad Minis most important and delicate component. The intricately designed Glacial features a 9H hardness level, providing extreme resistance to objects as sharp as a razor blade. The Oleophobic and Lyophobic coating prevent smudges and fingerprints that would interfere with the viewingof your screen.Protects iPad MIni Sapphire Crystal screen from breaks and shatters9H level hardness resists scratches from razor blades, coins, keys and other sharp objectsPrecise and acute Touch Screen accuracyThe High Transparency Color Plating Layer ensures colors are accurate and images undistorted Glassy layer ensures rigidityOpti(more...)